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Journey Of Life Download] [PC] (Latest)


Download: https://cinurl.com/2k20fr


quest Description: A joint project between co_el and Kayazky, Journey of Life is a one of a kind final fantasy mod. It is meant to be the most realistic mod ever to be released, with over a year of work done in just the amount of time that has passed. For example, underwater bowers are moving underwater, people are swimming in water, rain is coming from above, and more! It has also been built for multiplayer experience as well as single player, which makes this mod possibly one of the most ambitious mods ever created. This mod uses co_el's and Kayazky's co_el.sf.ws authoring tool for making mod tutorials. For more info on how to make mod tutorials, go to co_el's webpage. It is recommended that you have completed all previous mods first before doing this one, as this may be overwhelming at first. However, should you find yourself lost in the mod at any point, you can always visit co_el's Mod Source page to find where you left off. This mod is a long and difficult journey, which might not be for everyone. If that is the case, then just remember that every journey has its joys and its sorrows, and these should not only be remembered, but appreciated. *NOTE: If you run into any issues and are having trouble with any of the side quests or battles, please contact me and I will try to help you out as much as possible. As this mod is a long one, if you have any questions, please let me know in the Mod support section. I'm going to quickly give you a run down on the various units available in this mod, if you'd like. However, these won't all be explained until after you've completed the mod. Co_el also has created a number of videos that he has uploaded, you can find them on Youtube. In case you do not know, co_el has a set of mod specific video tutorials that he has uploaded on Youtube. In addition, he has made a playlist of all the tutorials that he has made available to you. You can go to co_el's youtube channel and watch them on there. The playlist is titled 'Book of Discoveries' with videos numbered in the order that they appear in the mod. Co_el is also very active on forums such as Kakarot, which you can check out here.




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Journey Of Life Download] [PC] (Latest)
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