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Dreams And Their Meanings In Tamil Pdf 11 giaanto


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39 Back when I was first learning Python, I wrote a version of this from scratch to show how much simpler a program could be. The function below returns an array of random points that are scattered around the board. The size of the array is the number of iterations of the function the user specifies. The array returned is the points. def get_random_points ( size ): """ Returns an array of points that are scattered around the board. The number of points is size. """ array = [] for i in xrange ( size ): x = random. randint ( 0, 7 - 1 ) y = random. randint ( 0, 7 - 1 ) array. append ( ( x, y )) return array random_points = get_random_points ( 1000 ) I wrote this function based on what I was learning back then, so this code may look a little clunky. This was written for Python 2.5 and 2.6. Here is the result of running this function 1000 times: And here is the code I wrote for it. Now let’s have a look at the code to iterate through the points in the array: for point in random_points : x = point [ 0 ] y = point [ 1 ] print x, y We can see that the returned array is actually a list of arrays, so there is actually two nested arrays. Then there is the code to print the points. But how are we going to see this? The print statement needs to be inside the for loop. Now let’s run the program again. This time we will see the result of running the program 1000 times, which is the same as running the program above 1000 times. This proves that the function works as expected. When you run the program, here



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Dreams And Their Meanings In Tamil Pdf 11 giaanto

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